Monday, November 30, 2009

Thinking Otherwise...

chick doesn't know shit about me,
but wants to run my name like it's sunny d.
this is why i don't deal with much females.
they act like true bitches, always wagging their tails.
like find something better to do, close your legs.
stop running "game" on this constant beg!
i hate the fake
if you don't like me, don't par.
don't whisper my name, or stare from afar...
you're whack & chickas like you don't compare.
aha! It's funny. you think your nigga cares.
fuck you & everything you represent
oh wait, that's nothing. you don't even look decent.

i'm not the type to say, i hate chicks.
but you're making me think otherwise
go do your best, suck a dick...


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