Monday, November 30, 2009

Mind State

Something I have, something I respect.

Something I can’t live without, something I can never forget.

It’s like my control panel, something I’m lost without.
Without it, my everything wouldn’t count.

It expresses my last emotion, speaks my every thought.

I can do whatever I want pretty much, because this is what I taught.

I taught myself that caring for others is amazing beyond words.

But once you can’t speak for yourself, no one’s going to listen,

& you’re not going to be heard.

Finally seeing that the whole world is a lie.

They don’t care what we say, or care when the children cry.

It’s nice when the “nice” comes out sometimes.

But it’s like its illegal, some sort of crime.

People don’t want to be real, they don’t want to shine.

They want to play dumb; their mother is who they hide behind.

Scared if what the world has to say

It’s a shame that the world has to be this way.

Luckily, not in my mind state.

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