Thursday, November 19, 2009

No More Pain

As she hangs there, you could see the pain. See the floor. The blood drips from her vain. The floor tells a story of a girl who didn’t want to feel the pain on the inside anymore. She wanted to let the stress out. She decides to let her skin and a sharp knife do the talking. The pain, the stress, the lies, disbelief. Her mind set is messed. As she cuts deeper she cries out. Tears mix with the blood. She watches the dark red liquid flow threw the opening of her skin. She doesn’t want to live this life anymore. Dad rapes her, mother doesn’t want her, brothers and sisters never claimed her. She’s as broken as her skin. She opens the bottom cabinet in her bathroom & finds some sort of weaving material. She makes a lynch and ties it to the light on the ceiling. She utters a few words. “This life isn’t for me. When people look into my eyes, they see a girl filled with pain. Her eyes tell a story.” Her eyes are filled with tears. She screams. “Nobody took the time to care. Nobody took the time to be there. Everyone hates me. So I’m doing what my mother wanted to do on the hospital bed.” She stopped talking. Glanced over at the light switch. She walked towards it and flicked it off. Then she grabbed the bathroom stool that was in front the sink. Stepping in her blood she walked over to the lynch that she made. She drops the stool down in front her then steps up on it. She puts her head through the whole while she’s stepping up. She’s crying tears that have the deepest meaning. “No one really loved me.” she kicks the still over.

No more pain…

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