Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mind Set #8

okay uhmmm....

another test has appeared. i have to prep myself of this one since i'm the one giving the answers to questions i basically asked. weird huh? i can't even use words either. i gotta use my body language. *rolls eyes* it's so much easier to "say" then "do". I've never been in such a predicament where my words begin to "fade" in a sense. well not fade exactly. it's like i have to do something so my words actually mean something. something like that.

i like living in my mind. honestly cause shit there always goes my way. even if i don't want it that way, it's me being in control. i love that word, "Control." i run things. lol. too damn bad it's not like that in real life. i guess it's time to show you what it's like in my mind. me being in control. me doing things i've never experienced. make moves that i'm not familiar with.

okay i think i'm ready to do it. i'm ready to be bold and courageous. aha! who's the boos? whatever. *smile and wink*

enough about that. i'm drunk now. aha!
it's funny, besides me blogging and being drunk, you're on my mind. now a days when are you not. even when i wanna think about something else i can't. shoooot!
at times i fucking wonder if you want me. you said you wonder how much i want you. well i can wonder too. but whatever. we'll really see what the deal is. ;)

just waiting and seeing right?

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