Thursday, December 24, 2009

Who Do You Think You Are?

it seems like everyone is my personal "inner voice" and feels they know what's best for me when they know nothing. i'm sorry, if i wanted your opinion i would have asked right? who do you guys think you are? fucking Oprah and Dr. Phil? hmmmm......

it's funny cause growing up i always had someone telling me what's best for me, then starting to depend on someone telling me shit, when they didn't really know the full out story. like i don't get it. now i'm starting to make choices on my own and i still have peeps telling me their so called "411" on the scoop. whatever scoop they think they know. i'm just mad frustrated with everything now. i need time to breathe i guess. but knowing these fuckers their gonna tell me something like "you don't need a break, you're buggin over nothing" man if only you guys can walk a mile in my size 8 and a half shoes.

- Aubrey

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