Thursday, December 24, 2009

My "I Am" Poem

Wrote this in grade 11 i think. my friend Alysia and i had to for some "Poetry" mark of the grade 11 curriculum. came across it when i was cleaning.

I Am Stubborn & Free-Spirited
I Wonder When My Life Will Change
I Hear My Conscience Talk, But Not At The Moment
I See A Splash Of Colour In My World
I Want To Find Love

I'm Stubborn & Free-Spirited
I Pretend My Shower Head Is My Microphone
I Feel Fuzzy Inside
I Touch Clouds In My Dreams
I Sometimes Worry That My Dreams Will Never Come True
I Cry For My Broken Heart

I'm Stubborn & Free-Spirit
I Understand Nothing Is Free
I Say It's Okay To Be Different
I Dream Big Dreams
I Try My Best At All Times
I Hope That Peace Becomes Reality

I Am Stubborn & Free-Spirited

Well Once Upon A Time I Could Believe Some Of This...Now There's No Hope Here.

- Heartless Aubrey

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