Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Damage

nigga's always want a fucking hand out.
that's how i know they don't really understand what i'm 'bout
they always fuck with me, make my life more complex
and i'm the stupid one that buys it, but i gotta move these fake objects
i'm i that blind? i know i don't need specks...
i'm so tired with everything, giving up seems like the way to go..
there's this talk about finding "the one"
shoot why am i talking like that? i'm still young
they say i'm open, easy to let it flow
maybe with girls, but dudes..that's a different show
there's certain ones that act different, the ones that stay the same
they bring this fuckery talk, they're sooo lame
i'm mad pissed and disgusted with the opposite sex right at this moment
from my mind i wanna do one thing, make men absent

they talk about how they wanna find a ride or die
but then they turn around talk shit, it's like one big lie
how do you expect to find the right one
if you can't look behind you and see the damage you've done?
so what? i'm a softy, at least i can say that
i'm not ashamed of it, point blank
can i help the fact that i'm in touch with my emotions?
can i help that in my mind i like living life in slow motion?
if you can't handle it take it up with my soul
it has everything you'll never get to hold...

- Janelle

1 comment:

  1. you aint know shit till you know everything.
    but i like this alot i get what you trying to say..
    love you..you'll always be my girl..