Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Opening One’s Inner Self

my head spinning round
thinking about what I found
I found someone inside who couldn't hide the fact
the fact that she had something
something she was holding
for a very long time
every time she wanted someone to know
she felt like mime
she wondered what it would be like
to let someone know
she wondered if she let it out
would she grow?
grow as a person
who was able to let her feelings show
able to open up
able to be
be what she wanted
and now what THEY wanted
all her life she was unable to let it out
cause she was scared
it would make people pout
every time someone was like"what’s on your mind?"
"What’s up in there?"
When she heard that
her mind would go bare
she felt as if she had no one
on one who'd care
to one to listen
and no one to share!
She thought if she told someone
would they be there?
she wanted a friend
she wanted to mend
she wanted to speak out and be heard
she wanted to be free, fly like a bird
all she wanted was to be able to tell someone what was going on inside without having them
make her feel bad or sad
cause later on
she'd get mad
mad at herself for even saying shit
and she didn't like the feeling, not one bit
she wanted to fight this feeling
but she didn't want to be at war with her feeling
so she decided that she would tell someone
no matter the issue, no matter the problem
she had to let it outshe couldn't hold it in no more
and if someone was to say something negative
she would just take it as positive criticism or someone saying it out of love
that's all she wanted
that's all she needed

*this is something i wrote a while ago!

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