Monday, December 14, 2009

Aha! Game Over

"Quit Playing Games, This Ain't An Arcade..."

i realized something...too many people play mind games...

i mean some are good or whatever, who doesn't like a good mind-teaser. but what if someone gets hurt? i know some people can't handle things, but some can. at the same time i don't find things fair. especially when it's someone you like. what if they play the mind games, you know they are, but you don't address it. why?

*i know what you're thinking, why didn't the bitch just address it?*

she was scared that's why...

yes that's right, and she's not afraid to say it.

she has issues addressing something to people cause people can't handle what she says.

they always take it to heart. pretty much why she keeps quiet and became a push over. another thing she hates. she's becoming something that she doesn't wanna become.

but she's getting there. getting over certain obstacles, getting over what she got fooled into; love.
she's beginning to open her pretty brown eyes and getting over YOU. yes you. waste.
always bringing her down and breaking her spirit that she tried so hard to build back up from a young age of hurtful words and abuse. she can smile and say: who were you? i'm sorry we haven't met.


- Aubrey

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