Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mind Set #9

you didn't seem to care about my happiness, so tell me...why should i care about yours now? why should i even think about your feelings when mine just seem to sit there? hmmm. it seems like you just wanted me to just please your every need and when it came to mine it wasn't nothing new. probably use to chicks feeding you what you desperately need to hear...not me, not anymore. you played me. now you're starting to see what you missing out on maybe. well how would i know, it seems like i never knew you. so you say. tried more then to understand, i tried to connect. i was the one sticking up for you when people thought and said the worst. i would and still would put my life on the line for you. i'm starting to re-think that. yes we created some sort of bond that people wish they could find but it's funny...i thought the course of our friendship over, and i came to realize. i was the most un-happy.

"you don't know a good thing till it's gone..."

my sister used to say that to me all the time. she'd say you'd feel it. i wonder how soon you'll click in. out of all the dudes i been with or liked or whatever, i tried with you the most. showed you what i can do, how things would be if your were with me. basically but my feelings on the line even when my heart was telling me not to. i did it. and look what i ending up with. hurt, pain, hateful thoughts about you and about myself. you said hurtful words. said them without a care at times. i always brushed it off cause i never wanted to fight, especially with a best friend. i mean yeah friends fight but have you ever had a feeling that if you were to fight with someone that they wouldn't be able to handle what you have to say? i mean if i dished out EVERYTHING, you would be flabbergasted.

ever wanted to bare it all?

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