Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Falling Down

Chris Brown Inspired...

"It's getting heavy I think I'm bout ready to break down..."

heavy as can be, it's all coming hard like ice in a freezer.
she's in her last, everything else is beneath her...

"Time keeps on tickin on, wish there was a way to slow it down..."

so she finds her break away, lights it, inhales and lays back, the world begins to slip through her fingers. closes her eyes and starts to fabricate, the smoke lingers...

"Someone pick me up, cause I'm fallin down..."

Really? don't bother, falling is better. deep down it would be cool if someone came and actually picked her up, but she knows no one's around. nothing here but the high. it's always here. always found.

"Why is it so easy for you to blame? I'm only human we're all the same "

people always point out your mistakes and everything that is wrong with her. but at the end of the day...they don't see what she really goes though. they always see the outside sketch, never the real picture...

"I've given up everything in exchange for being alone..."

sacrificed her whole life to satisfying people and trying to make them happy, and what does she get? hate, negative vibes, hurtful words and a shit load of abuse in every way possible...

"Sometimes I don't wanna wake up alone. But sometimes I wanna wake up and be on my own. Sometimes I don't wanna walk by your smile. But at the same time I don't wanna let people down..."

too late for all of that, givien up on all facts. she's well fed up of what people think, say, do, whatever. she's trapped in this world and no one can reach her. not even when she's flying. flying through clouds of loneliness and pain. pieces of her soul ripped out everyday. the pieces end up missing. every part of her is missing, so she feels....

...."I'm shaking these demons underneath all the pride...."

What Pride?

- Aubrey

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