Friday, December 4, 2009

It's A Sign

ever had a feeling you could barely explain?
the type of feeling that will make your heart go insane?
makes you feel like you chest is about to rip open.
gets so weird you start hoping?
kinda wanting it to happen, maybe it would help.
i can't bare it at times, i can't get control of myself.
it's something bittersweet, you like it then you don't
it's like something is going to go down, you wish it won't
then you kinda wish it will, just to get it over with.
I'm hot then I'm cold. my body is going through a fit.
my mind is trying to figure out, my soul is sifting
wow, something I'm not used to. it's kinda up-lifting.
want to scream out loud and cry like a child.
run around my house and go all wild.
wanna zone out and hear nothing but my rhythm, my beat
everything silent, so discreet.
this is so new, something i can't miss

maybe it's a sign to a new type of bliss...

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