Sunday, December 13, 2009

I Thank You

for those who called me ugly, i thank you. not everyday someone comes out of no where and makes me feel like shit. it's not like i don't hear it everyday under people's breathe. y'all just have the balls to say it to my face. respect! :)

for those who called me something negative out of the name my mother gave me, i thank you also. you give me the power to look myself in the mirror and smile.

for those who don't know me and continue to judge me, i thank you. it's cool that you don't know me and have something to say. how real can you get? :)

but for those who always got something positive to say, for those who don't know how to put me down, for those who know what i'm actually going through and that are there for me, the ones that know how to put a real smile on my face, i wanna show you someday how much i really love you. hopefully that day will come soon...

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