Thursday, December 24, 2009

Not In The Christmas Spirit...

...cause i'm mad.

why am i always mad? "you're just mad at the world cause you grow tired if a repeat..." those words echo and ring true. this Christmas feels like shit, i'm not even around people that i want to be around: my friends (family). i don't even wanna be about my own blood right now. no wait scratch that i don't wanna be around anyone right now. maybe a stereo or something. my nerves are frazzled.

what am i trying to say here?
if it's not family pissing me the fuck off, it's my so called friends, if it's not them, its family again, a never ending cycle.

they think they know and think they understand
but they don't realize what i have in the palm of my hand.
i have me
my everything: feelings, heart, mind, soul.
take the time and get in with the know
know me, inside and out
get to know what makes me tick, what makes me shout
what makes me forever keep my guard up
i'll show you know, cause i know my stuff
if anybody knows me, it's definitely me....