Friday, December 18, 2009

Looking Forward

looking forward.

stupid boy, could have had my heart, but you played around like some kind of guitar. good thing you didn't get my all. maybe the next one will be something better then you could every be to me.

speaking truth.

showed you things that no one ever knew i had in me, but it was never enough for you. you wanted something i wasn't ready to give yet. seems like that's what was more important. like HELLO?! just cause i'm diggin you, doesn't mean i want you diggin in me. feel me? feel like i wasted 11 months on something that would have never popped off cause i didn't "show" you how i felt.

i did more then show. i bared it all out. tried to keep it real from the jump. i can say one thing you helped me with, to stay open when needed.

i feel something for this one now. something that i felt with you but something better. i hope to grow with him without interference from you. seems like you want me to stick with you till i can't love no more. NOOOO! i made a vow that if he's don't showing any REAL signs, time to say bye bye. :D

You were never planning on being something real with me. so why wait for you when you'll never come around?

- Janelle

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