Thursday, December 31, 2009

My New Year Resolution

okay so i decided to make one. *yay....rolls eyes* i got a couple things i want to do this year. i'm really not into doing these things cause i never follow them. but this year will be different. :)

#1: J.O.B. ! can't really get anywhere without cash, something i don't have. neither do i have a social life like i want cause that needs money too. i'm going to break my back looking for one...woord.

#2: Make True & Real Friends. <--- the problem with this is that they're hard to find. all the fake and un-real people over populate which makes these people not seen or go into hiding...

#3: Honesty. with myself especially...this year was full of lies and denial with myself. i deserve better then what i give me. time to treat me better. oh Respect falls under this too.

#4: WEIGHT! aha! yes, i know what your thinking. WTF? hehe! i been tryna gain weight for the longest time. i know i'm not that skinny (so they say) but a little weight won't hurt. :)

#5: Practice singing, writing, dancing, speaking. in order to be the best, try your best, do your best.

#6: PARTY LIFE. make one. it's needed.

#7: Go Into The New Year With This: Forgiveness. why stay mad at old beef or year, new beef LMAOO. jokes.
not about beef POINT BLANK. :)

#8: Find Who I Am, Or Get Really Close To Finding Out... i think i'd need to know. time to be really in tuned with myself.

i think that's it....if anything else.
i guess i'll add it.

That's A Little For Now. :)


  1. I definitely agree with those resolutions. That could be applied to a lot of us I think. :) Well I'm willing to be a good friend if ya allow me too :P

  2. I hope ya following me as well. I found ya blog from the All things fresh site. I love that place.

  3. loool. woord. of course. i always follow back. :)