Friday, December 25, 2009

On Christmas, I'm Missing Her

no friend that i ever had can compare to her
and i know when we see each other again, it will be well worth it for sure
it's been so long since we seen each other
we still manage to have this bond
just wanna see her again in the flesh, maybe i'll be at one
with myself. i need that back
she's the real thing i lack
my pure other half
i wondered for years
"if she comes back, will i be happy again?
will i forget the anger and quit fighting tears?"

i miss her everyday, but just days like this where family and friends should be together is where i miss her most.
old memories haunt me like a ghost.
reminds me when times here good and i was most happy.

i'm stop before this gets sappy.

long story short. every night before i lay my head,
i look out the window and pray that you make your way back to me again. ♥

- Janelle&Aubrey

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