Friday, December 18, 2009

Love Bill

Taking whatever i gave to you, putting it with the rest of my all.
bottling it up, putting somewhere tall.
so i thought would be best, till he came. he put me to the test.
came and set all butterflies free
gave me a reason to be me.
told me things no one said in a while.
felt so good, felt like i could fly.
don't know what it is but i'm diggin him.
and the chances of me saying i like you again, are real slim.
he gives me greater feelings. better then what i felt for you.
looking back on everything that happened with us, it's like "what did i do?"
you were so caught up, and concerned with wrong.
up to now you think i'm going to be here for long.
those feelings have flown the coop.
have to start fresh and make new roots.
always blamed myself because of your decision.
it's not my fault you had blurred vision.

"Someone might come and take the place i hope for you to fill, but now that my feelings have shifted to different table, i'll leave you with my love bill."

- Janelle

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