Friday, December 11, 2009

Fresh Start?

i lost my iPod and my USB stick, then did i realized it was gone? yesterday. when was the last time i seen them. i think Monday.

loosing my iPod is whatever, it's the USB stick i'm worried about. everything i ever wrote since grade nine is on that stick, and now it's gone. i have no idea who could have stolen it, i have no clue if it fell out my backpack when i was looking for something. i have no idea HOW it ended up missing. whoever stole my iPod basically wanted the iPod. no idea why since it's like first generation. :S but they had no idea what the were actually taking. everything i knew. my feelings, pretty much a piece of my soul is missing now. everything. gooonnnneeee!

at first i was buggin over the fact that it's gone, but now. it's like maybe i could start over? i mean there's no harm in starting over you know, but like there were some good pieces that i wrote and now i have no way of getting them back cause some where freestyle and i did them on the computer. i told myself to copy them somewhere else so i don't loose them completely. but i lofted so heavy on it all. damn. what if someone finds it, then steals credit, makes money off my shit. how will i sue them? i have no proof it was mine to begin with. :(

i told people how it's gone, they said i should have copied it all down or something. sigh.
well i guess you can call this a fresh start. it's all new shit now.
and i'm coming harder on every last piece i will ever write, STARTING NOW!

- Janelle ♥

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