Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hope You're Happy

"i'm sorry Happy doesn't live here
she hasn't for a couple months...
she just up and disappeared
you seemed disappointed...
did Happy have something for you?
Happy had something for everyone, she always alternated.
she spread whatever she had with everyone.. she use to say things like "i did it cause i can"
it was her gift from the man himself, part of her life long plan.
have you met Happy? don't think you have.
you'd have the essence. you seen sad.
you light has fadded, i can tell you're not yourself
and i barely know you, you're not at your best.
i wish i had her number, something like an address.
so you can get back what you lost and stop looking a mess...
you're a beautiful girl, why the long face
what could make you so sad and put you out of place?..."

I started walking away.
with the last few words the lady said made me feel that i didn't wanna stay
a place where the answer to my question used to live made me feel uneasy and brought discomfort
can't believe Happy was here, then decided to abort..
my days just get worse and worse
all cause Happy left me, now i'm feeling cursed...

hope YOU'RE fucking happy...


  1. You are to Amazing to Hurt.

  2. thank you. but sometimes amazing people hurt. :(