Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Whole Point: The Chase

to you it may seem small, to others, it could be the biggest thing in their life.
i got inspired to write about chasing dreams

"don't follow your dreams, chase them" - Terence J.

don't ever let someone tell you your dream is too small or too stupid or too out if this world. just because it doesn't fit their standards doesn't mean it's not worth it. yes sometimes dreams and change or sometimes you can combined your two favorite things. i know when i was tiny i would always say. "i'm going to be a singer one day, sing with the greats and have people enjoy what i enjoy, music." i would always say i would sing with Toni Braxton or Deborah Cox, even Celine Dion. then it all changed for me...i was into singing yea but i could never see myself on stage like i used to. i never really saw my name in lights like i used to. then one day i looked around my house and tried to see what was in my house that i could live off of and enjoy at the same time. something that i always knew, something i always kept close. besides all the writing i been doing from young, it was all the pictures my mom use to take of me and our family. then it hit me. photography, writing. BAM. best of both words. i still sing, i still write and i still take pics. but i feel i can always do more.

you see the thing with me is when i dream dreams or have an idea of what i wanna be or do, i don't really care about anyones negative opinions cause it's benefiting ME not YOU. if you do not approve, then boo hoo. i'm not here to please you in that way. i just hope that a camera comes my way. all i do is dream. it's basically my hobbie. i'm chasing this like it's a life or death situation.

all in due time...

- A.

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