Tuesday, July 13, 2010

if i'd say it. it'd be like this

at the end of the day bro, no one has me like you. real sees real and that's what i see in you. sue me. i can't kick it with dudes like i do you. everything is just chill like that. i still am that type to go after what i want but in the case of you i didn't cause yea you did talk about these other girls and such shit. i always thought yo, i never compared. i tried moving on, but you still lingered. i don't know why, maybe its cause your my best friend. can't remember the last time i could just like be real straight with someone like i am you. when the day is through, it's you on my mind. you know how many times you showed me you had me, even when i had doubts? "who i got you, don't i always have you?" yo i show you the same type of love, if any chick says they have you, they don't have you like me. i know that 100% fact. i put that on everything. yea there are times where i slip up....barely, you can't even count that on two hands. but i swear i make up for it. i've always defended you when it came down to it.

yea you talking about other chicks effected me at first but yo, who was i to say it. as far as you knew i didn't feel nothing for you...so i thought. yo i don't even know what more to say on this subject cause it's been to long, i know what i want but it's like "why the hell am i wasting time? why the hell am i still in this......hole?" other dudes come and go but they can never amount to how i feel about you.

different vibe I'm feeling man.
i may seem like I'm confused and not knowing what i want at time but i say that ish cause i try to fight that i dig you. i try my very best actually. never seem to pass me. your people may talk as if they know the whole thing, there's always two sides to one story. they only know what i tell/show you. they don't know how i really feel. they don't know what i go through.

they just don't.

don't know what else to do, nor say, but hey. it is what it is right?
God has plans, maybe this ain't it.

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