Monday, July 19, 2010

Drake "Sooner than Later" COVER REMIX BY ERIKA DAVID

you forgot to call me on my birthday
you swear im the last thing on your mind
there is nothing you can do to fix it
somehow i still want you by my side

we got this love connection, cant explain it
you give me chills up and down my spine
hoping that you could just step your game up
boy make me yours, lets stop wasting time

so can you do me a favor
can you pull it together
make it sooner than later
we wont be here forever
and well realize weve waited too long
lets make this official

cus you dont need no one else
and i dont need no one else
i dont need no one else
you dont need no one else
i dont need no one else

weve been goin at this for a while
your the one for me, its plain to see
you tell me you cant find nobody better
yet i just feel like another homie

so i thought we had this love thing, cant explain it
what are you waiting for, pls tell me why
i need you, i am nothing without you
come save me baby, be my shining knight

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