Tuesday, July 20, 2010


are you surprised to see me boo?
yeah yeah that's cool, i'm showing you that ain't nothing new
so what's cool with you? 
meet someone new?
ahh whatever. why am i asking? i could care less honey
now that i got all loot all this money,
i'm living just fine.
don't get me wrong, all this money doesn't satisfy, at night it doesn't chill my wine
but me and my special sweetie, we know how to have a good time...
does that kill you?
well boo you...
time for you to hurt, just like you let me pain it up lonely
got me thinking your love was legit, but you were the biggest phony
now you beg back for me love and for what?
so you can mess it up again with some next slut?
so you can crawl back in bed the next morning like everything is sweet
nahh, i had to tell you do it like an egg and beat
but life couldn't be lovely
with me and my new bunny,
he knows how to show love, he knows how to treat me baby

so remember something, you let go of a real lady...

- A. xox

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