Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm Yelling At You

smashing phones and breaking glass - I've put my feelings through too much
you do not seem to get the fact of this being me
lemme try and break it down for you.

i see passed you. i never said this before but i see passed these chicks you talk about, i see passed this money you talk about. all that shit means nothing to me. cause all i see is you. YOU. like wtf, stop asking me to explain, stop asking to know why. i told you, and since you can't see what i do either i feel there's no point.

there was this one dude i used to digg as much as i digg you. i messed that up, i never intended for THIS to end up as it is. me and him don't even speak yo. i rarely feel this strong about some nigga AND THEN YOU COME WITH THIS.

wait wait. why am i bothering? i can't force you to see something your mot willing to look at. i bet it's how i look. yeaaa. or maybe how i act? hmmm. i can guess all the questions in the world and i'll never know. do you ever show me these type of things? whatever, i'm yelling at you, wanna know why.

cause i know say when it comes down to the point where i wanna move on you're going to come at me with some sob story like last time. but this time i won't fucking hear it. i'll still be there for you like i always am, always will be. you'll vent to me whatever. but my guy issues will NEVER BE SPOKEN ON. God is my witness. doesn't matter what i tell you or how, i'll never hear me or see me for what i do anyways.

chase what's pain, but delightfulness is right at your doorstep...well was...

- A.

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