Thursday, July 8, 2010


i can't listen to you the same anymore. it's not you. trust me your amazing. it's just the fact that this dude. he listens to you all the time. especially since you dropped this album he can't stop playing you. you remind me of him. it kills. i enjoy you but it's like enjoying him, and i can't cause he isn't mine. it's like you're writing the things he can't say to the one he's feeling. that person not being me. another reason why i get frustrated and such things.

i gotta play all the old tunes, like "comeback season" or "room for improvement." my favorites. the ones he doesn't know about. I'm not saying he's a band-wagon fan, it's just he's not familiar like i am. I'm kinda happy he isn't.

i don't know how more to express how i feel about....this.
just know i'm struggling.

do i still like him? if so why do i?
he doesn't see me. he sees she. she ain't me. never will be.

- A.

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