Thursday, July 15, 2010


it's been a minute.

AAAAYYY YOOOOO. hear me out now
i think it's time to give y'all a show, when I'm done i'll take a bow.
young and talented, full of positivity and big dreams
everything i do, best believe i make it look as what it seems
I'm nothing like your average, I'm something outer-space
i live life sometimes in the fats lane, but i also dig a slow pace.
erase anything that's poison, lace the losers with mace
I'm here to fulfill my path, show everything on my face
through my body and out my mouth
this is me, it's what I'm about

do you like expressing?
isn't in impressing?
isn't it sensational?
I'm just feeling too damn beautiful
yea i love myself, i love my mind, body soul
something that i could never let go, always hold.
something i can always share with people like you.
something i will never lie about, real true
feels good.
feels great even

THIS thing, real beautiful expression!


  1. Girl, do u mis sme? I forgot about u. DID YOU GET DREADS!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT AUbrey :)

  2. i was wondering where you went. haha! nahh i didn't get dreads, they just look like them. i thinking about it though.