Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's You Again

leaning up against the wall
just looking at me on the opposite side.
just looking
at me
m e
you grasp my vibe, it's chill, like we
we stare, we read our body movements
we enjoy, we feel, we know this.
you grab my hand, so soft in yours, fits like a puzzle piece
we're hungry, our thoughts are our feast.
it's you again
the one i want deep
inside my being, you are a part of
cause you have this effect on me.
i still continue to stare, you still continue to vibe.

'side track'

i'm still focused, you are my main focus
have you noticed that?
have you ever have that?
do you even want that?
cause it's not the want that i need to give that
just the fact that i want to.

do you understand just want your are to me?
which is why it's you...again.

- A.

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