Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lose My Breath

he does it, i love it
the way he always knows the spot in which to touch
the way he knows my body, the way he whispers, i blush
he supports me with such movement that it seems effortless
never makes a sloppy move, never makes it feel like it's pointless
kisses so soft, so passionate, I'm at a lost for words
he craves me, keep him coming back for more.
he makes me lose my breath, every stroke, ever caress
relieves my body I'm tension, from all the stress

he's only there to satisfy, in only these type or ways
when the session is over, he never wants to stay
you see there's thing he keeps near to him
its not what we do. if what we did was a light-bulb, the bulb would be dim
our sex has him weak, to an extent
he thinks about her, dreams about her. everything about her. i get straight bent
i'm somehow taken back for a second. i share something with him that my husband deserves
but he doesn't take it into consideration, gets on my damn nerves
whatever, i'm not her...i'm stupid right
no maybe i'm just taking this all wrong, i'm too up-tight
i give you my all, and i get half
she gets the whole you, but you know all of me
what? something on your mind, something you can't let it be?

when we do what we do, do you ever think of me?

doing what we do, thinking it all over
i begin to get lost in my being and lose my breath....again

- A.

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