Saturday, July 24, 2010


so no one is coming to support me, at least the ones that i wanted to be there. i excuse the ones that have work and work only. let me make something clear since i'm already pissed. when i have another dance thing coming up...and trust there will be more. i will NEVER ask you guys to come again. since i been with NLDS only MY WIFE SHARON has come out to see me. NO ONE ELSE. it's all good cause when the rest of y'all have something big and what me to come....IMMA BE THERE. you know why? CAUSE I'M A GOOD FRIEND. BUT DON'T EVER COUNT ON MY TO EVER TELL YOU TO COME OUT TO ANY OF MY EVENTS EVER AGAIN. you guys don't realize that i may not be the sickest most ill dancer, but it's the least you can do...S U P P O R T me....what's so hard in that. i tell you guys a good two weeks a head of ttime "yo i got a dance thing coming up, why don't you come" tell you the day y'all say we'll see...then y'all make plans...LIKE WTF. it's OKAAAAAY THOUGH.

just remember what was said.

- A.

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