Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Told Me It's Over Because My Sadness Is Killing His Vibe. -_-

couldn't use twitter to vent so i gotta blog.

seriously, it's happening all over again
the part of my movie where i fall
the part where my fam was right
the part were i soon get hurt
because of all the things his soon to say
all the actions he's bond to make
all the clues that i succeed to miss
all the times he comes around plays down that fake kiss
i hate thinking about this
he doesn't FUCKING REALIZE what he does
and when he does, he acts like it's nothing

don't even come to me and complain you need this in a chick and that in a girl
cause when a real WOMAN comes around you're blind.
but hey who am i to tell you shit right?
who am i to correct you from your mistakes.

oh i know, your friend
you know, the one that looks out for your well being
the same one that has you no matter the situation
the one that feels what you feel
the same one that sometimes puts her feelings aside to cater to yours

wow, talk about dedication.

- A.

P.S. Drake - Fall For Your Type & Kristie Alexandra - Lust For Life

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