Friday, July 2, 2010

Just One Of Those Talks With The Family

so blood and i are laying there, i'm trying so hard not to cry cause i'm over-frustrated...
she's telling me to calm down and take a breather, tell her what's up and she'll take it from there. the thing with blood is she's the only one that can solve my problems period. no one else keeps it 100% X 394856230578 like she does. so catching my breath and letting the tears soak up in my pillow i spill. spill it all out like i slit my wrist. "in all the times you had something to spill this is the second time it's about this fucking boy. yo do i have to give him a clue man? why can't he see?....wait wait. but then again you can't force someone to see something they need if they haven't figured out their own shit. common sense" those words hit me. literally. then i instantly stopped crying and looking out my pixie glass window and wondering.

why can't you see the obvious? do you like getting hurt?
i just wanna be there for you in all types of ways
cause i know and you know i'm worth it.

- A.

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