Saturday, July 17, 2010

uhhh yea..Real Talk...

too much on my plate to say the least.
from feelings to family fights, real talk i can't take it anymore
i'm tired of all this negativity around me and i feel like separating myself from it
at the same time i'm feeling really lonely and no one to turn to
everyone is doing there own thing. everyone has their life right now.
and i'm stuck here trying to find mine...
i'm trying to find a job, i'm trying to make money, trying to find myself. trying to see what works
but i'm stuck here between myself and others. i'm the type that love pleasing others before i pleasing myself
cause seeing others pleased is pleasing to me.. but. *sigh* like i don't know. this summer seems like it would have been the best ever but it's really far from that...

to sum it all off i guess, i feel real out the loop and also that i got too much to deal with...anymore and i'll freak on someone... :(

- Lost One


  1. LMAO. your a mess boo. GET SOME D!! AHHA!

  2. it's not like your under a contract and HAVE to follow rules LOL! Cut loose!