Friday, July 30, 2010

Dot & I - Our Beginning

so yesterday mother and i went to Younge street. we were on a mission. i was about to feel the excitement of purchasing a camera. not just a dinky regular digital camera, no. this was a D90 Nikon we were searching for. then right before our eyes, this store not to far from where my mom works. to be honest i forget what it was called. :( but hey...they were PACKED WITH CAMERAS. and Mike, who dealt with us was the nicest salesperson EVER! so we walked in and Mike and another gentlemen greeted us with warm "hellos" and such. so we greeted back. then my voice came alive "do you guys carry D90's?" then scanning the racks i saw the tags "D90 Nikon" then i said "oh you guys do" my heart started singing. then Mike said "as you can see in it's place there is nothing there." i got scared and my heart stopped. then he looked up at the shelf and said "we do have a kit though..." WHICH IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR. i looked at mother then looked at the camera. then a smile appeared on my face and never left. after like five minutes of thinking my mom said okay we'll get it. AHHH! he took it down from the self and opened the box. my dreams flashed before my eyes. with every opening of a box. (three boxes) i wanted to scream, it was sooo beautiful. finally after all the paperwork and extra chat i was never paying any attention to cause i was holding my career in my hands, i finally get to take the Nikon home. skip the train ride and the paranoia i had on the train hoping no one thinks about jumping me or my inner Jet Li will kick some ass, we finally make it home. you would think i would settle in but NO, i buss that sucker open and put it together, didn't even charge the battery yet and started snapping. everything and anything got snapped. told a couple friends on MSN and Facebook that i got my baby. all this time i wanna name it. well her. but i didn't want it to be a lame name like daisy or something corny. so i was thinking all evening about it. while doing that i went to see a friend and maybe snap some shots there or whatever. got a couple nice ones but i have a lot of growing to do. she also got some couple shots. she too wants a camera like mine. after that i went home and snapped some more...then got on the three-way calling tip and was talking about my baby. she has no name yet. right then and there i decided it was a girl. aha! then i was talking to my friends about a name. then i thought about this show i used to watch with i was little and one of the characters names was "dot" i was like, "i like the ring to that. and i don't find it lame. SO HER NAME IS DOT. DOT AND AUBREY..WHAAAAT? HOW SICK IS THAT BRO?" I swear i heard crickets on the phone cause home boys went silent. then eventually dosed off on the phone laying next to Dot on the floor while jersey shore was playing on the tele. i missed it all by the way. :(

to new beginnings. :D

- A.