Friday, July 23, 2010

Curious George

so intrigued by me, but yet it's "i just wanna know" ting.
always letting this feeling hide because i feel it's just a longtime fling
or is it...?
it should be the other way around
me wanting to know everything there is to know about you and how you feel
but i guess what i show isn't fake, just something real
it has your attention, it keeps you drawn in
but spilling out what this is sometimes makes my head spin
should i let go, should i hold on?
how long will i have to decided? how long?

maybe it's a wait and see thing...
maybe its a wait and never see thing...
maybe it's a stop waiting and finally see thing..
who knows, but maybe if he still stays focused on what he wants to know, what i have to say
maybe i'l keep saying i don't know just so he can stay...

- A.

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