Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Life

school wise, i screwed up and yes i know. i'm a slacker.

when it comes down to it all, no matter how hard i try i can't focus on something i will never take interest in: school. it's not a want, it's a need they say. well i feel that i don't need to know about hamlet and how to calculate the area of a circle. i feel that i don't need to know how plants grow and about the civil war. i feel i need to know about how colours move across paper and now my voice sounds in an empty room. i need to know what's it like to stand behind a camera and snap someone for just a moment, capture that memory on paper forever and love every second of it. i need to feel what it's like to pour my soul on paper and let only me read it. i need to know what all that is like.

if you haven't notice my now, i'm an art student.
art is what i bleed, it's what i feel. it's what makes me get up in the morning. it's what makes me cry, what makes me laugh. it's my everything. without it i am nothing. why can't the world see that? why can't they pick up the clues. when i sing, when i write, when i dance, then i take pictures and edit them. i'd kill for people to just understand that is who i am and who i wanna be. all this shit is hard for me, especially with this learning disability the TDSB labeled me with. school is difficult unless it about art. ART. people don't get it. they fail to realize that i'm something of the expressing kind. not the english or math or science. it's a;; boring for me. all of it. what am i do to now with this thing called my life?

- A.

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