Monday, March 1, 2010


Dear Baltimore,

i haven't seen you, but i know exactly what you look like.
don't know what you sound like, but you're a familiar tune.
when i look up to the sky. i see your beautiful moon.
you were the man i once thought i knew.
your organic movements and your soft hazel eyes just kiss me with enlightenment.
lame-o chicken-head forever fightin'
they want what you have Baltimore,
they see it in your eyes, forever you will soar.
you're filled with success and achievement,
you ride in fancy cars while there heels hit pavement.
only if you could come around my way sometime soon.
i pulled a movement, i was down right rude.
i was in shock cause i lost something i know little about.
i wish i could have just one last chance, damn i wish i could shout it out.

Baltimore, any chicka would be more then blessed to have you in there life
i know seeing that, would cut deeper then a knife.

let me get familiar.

- Aubrey

P.S. i never knew what love was till you shot me.
didn't know arrows could feel so good.