Monday, March 8, 2010

Heart On Chain

it dangles from my neck
cause if it lays in my chest, forever it will stay broken.
this way i could keep my eye on it and if it ever broke
i could always repair it with my hands

he left me with one thing
heart on chain
he told me that my heart will break, but he replaced it with this.
he says it's much smaller then what i had, that way i could only let only a little in.
too much it not always good.

this heart, the front it pretty.
the back? there is no back, it's a hallow pendent
why? the other half is out there somewhere
it's not with him.
he told me i'll know when the next half enters my world
sooner then i think, he smiles.

it dangles from my neck.
i take it off and stare at it.
running the chain through my fingers
letting the light shine on it
i know for a fact, this heart on chain wil become tanitned

they all end up that way.
hopefully it's good while it lasts....