Friday, March 19, 2010

Something Fresh

he told me i could be a rapper.
the way the pen flows off paper,
he said i could be the queen slapper.
something bigger then these rapper chicks
who on the down low take the dick.
thinking that they slick when real talks, it's rocks they kick.
actually keep my name in your mouth, gets me back to reality,
keeps me on high spirits and a crisp mentality.
where you at, under my thoughts.
let me show you something, this is what pain taught...

pain whispered. show me that one mistake and change it all
shooting hoops and getting that final fouled ball.
gambling your loot. thinking it's your time to shine
then bet it all and lose every dime
gotta go home to your wife and kids, no food to eat now
wife gets fed up and finds a way to walk out somehow
kids say they hate you, you took the fam for granted
you fell from grace, now look where you landed.

my inner thoughts ring so true sting deep
but i gotta over come it and take that big leap
there may be broken roads and false signs
but imma make it, especially with all those haters trailing behind
none of y'all know me, but would be the first to judge
then get to know me and be like "what the fudge?"

whatever cut it short, i'm something of a different sort
i different breed, a different type.
never the first to fall with all the tiny hype.