Friday, March 12, 2010


you = irrelevant
something that was never good for my benefit
you thought i wasn't in the loop.
trust me, i always had the first scoop.
PLAYER. oh yes you were.
you thought i didn't know, thought i couldn't concur?
not a player with other chicks though.
so i think
a player of the mind yo.
you did all this talk and had me doing things and making me fall in love
things i thought i would never do
but you know how to say your way in, let yourself through
it was shocking though, i thought you were good. amazing even
in the back of my mind i was like "damn, it should have been Steven"
i think about it over and over again & try to find the good whatever this was
but when i do, it feels like i'm on a buzz
that puff puff pass shit, just light it and blaze
just forget about you and sit in my haze
they say it's a phase,
something i use to crave
change everything, even how i behaved
but this, this is M.I.A.
and hey

i'm not mad.
everything happens for a reason and karma is a bitch
when it hits, it's like an irritating itch

nothing can satisfy it after.

- Aubrey

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