Saturday, March 6, 2010

Never Wanted Something Like This

wanting to go back.
to that place in time where everything was...beautiful.
how it was all sweet, very fruitful.
i wanna go back to that moment.
we felt each other, we know it was going to be something new.
we never felt this feeling, but it's a feeling we always wanted to go through
you holding me, me holding you.

i'm a sucker for emotion
everything we had, was something like slow motion.
well that's what i think
but it seem to all change with one blink.
that's what happens when you blink
you lose everything, not even enough time to think
think about what just happened and how you can fix it.
cause it's too damn late, can't get it back bit by bit.

what you get is what you see
can't make you wanna be with me...

- Janelle


  1. I know what you mean, I lost my new schedule. Idk if I work tomor..I gotta wake up early and call