Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Too Good To Be True

Follow the rhythm of my heart beat, it will guide you
Don’t deny yours either, it beats inside too
Whisper so sweet, touch me real deep
Spread your desire all over the room
The sheets
The pillows
My eyes follow your body
My fingertips feel your everything
We can do whatever you like, yes amazing
This is therapy, just believe
Our all is being bared here, don’t mislead
Sparks, fireworks, passion
I hope you know here is were your crashing
Every part of you will become mine for just a couple of moments
Reveal, surreal
Something we could feel
Something we can love
This is beyond and above
We’re telling a story with every move

I’m telling you. It was too good to be true.



  1. Damn, did you have sex? Me and Drake haven't yet.

  2. i never had sex in my life yet.
    but if i did. maybe it'd be like this.

    LMAOO! my girl said her and Drake. :P

  3. Oh ok..well Kanye is pimpi..taken*

  4. You laughin', but it's true.