Friday, March 26, 2010

Blurb #11

yes it's been a while since i did one. thought i'd do one today. *smile*

lets re-cap
i got a job interview on saturday. i also have a dance audition. i don't think i'll make it in time to my job interview but i'll try my hardest to do whatever it takes to get some loot.
sunday i was on some heavy thinking and i realized that i don't think that i need this in my life anymore. so i ignored it as much as possible until me and it are no longer affiliated.
gained like 1000 pounds *happy dance*
and thinking about getting some new weave. aha!

i seriously need to do soemthing with my hair.

but on a serious note.
what do yo do when people who care are tryna show you something but you didn't wanna hear it until you realized they were right the whole damn time. feeling stupid huh?

which is why i'm sticking to my choice and changing and opening my eyes.
so far this whole changing and finding myself is going better then expected.

- Janelle

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