Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blurb #10

first off lemme just say that i wasn't expecting to wake this early considering the fact that i slept in the cold living room on my couch. turning up the heat was a no no since people in this small apartment don't like when the heat is on, not even in MY room. whatever.
second i woke to words, "i don't care anymore she's 18, she feels she a woman, so let her gwan. she has no job and if  she keeps it up it's seriously me alone in here.." "wanna follow friends that aren't going anywhere in life and when they finnaly get where there going they will leave her behind, they could care less about her..." "i still have my job, even though it's hard i'm the one getting paid. so she could just do what she wants, i'm fed up of this shit."

good ol' sunday morning.

reasons why i do not call my mother anymore and tell her where i am and if i'm coming late:

when i USED to call, the call went something like this...

Mom: hello?
Me: mom?
Mom: (Pause)....what?!
Me: uhmm i'm at (so and so) and i'm coming home at (blah blah) if i'm not home at that time i will call you and saying i'm coming late cause i'm doing something for (either school or for a friend)
Mom: did you ask me if you could do that?
Me: uhmm no, but it was an afterschool thing, at least i called right?
Mom: (yelling so loud i can't pick up what she's saying)
Me: (moving the phone away from my ears and looking at the people around me cause they're staring and me and laughing cause i'm getting yelled at...even though i'm doing the right thing here....)

Mom stopped yelling and chill please? i'm off you back if anything
Mom: (hung up 10 seconds ago busy signal already playing in my ear)

hence why i stopped calling, cause it always ended up like that and anytime i told her that when i do call she has a fit, she wants to play "no i don't." tell me people WHAT THE HECK WAS ALL THAT YELLING AND CUSSING FOR? FOR SHOW? OVER THE TELE? W T F?

so basically now i'm screwed more then ever, no money, job, bus fare, AND I HAVE LAUNDRY TO DO RIGHT NOW. wtf am i going to do? she hasn't said two words to me since freggin friday.

i swear living with my dad sounds more then cool right now. seriously....


  1. So why don't you move with him? Seems a lot better

  2. if you think moving with him would be better I support u on that Janelle

    -Samuel C.

  3. thanks samuel.
    and it's up to him if he'll have me...