Friday, March 26, 2010

And We're Moving On

now it;s like the smoothest ride ever,
i think this move was more than very cleaver
when i had all the weight, it was so much heavier

and how it's all gone
we're moving on
you were so unhealthy for me
now my life is like sweet bliss you see
you were poison to my being
and i was the only one who wasn't seeing
seeing the damage you actually cause
you put me on some sort of pause.
ahh well you're out like last weeks trash
time to press play and make a quick dash.

life will soon be something easy.
and trust

you will never hear the sound of my voice again.
i bet i'll hear yours.

- Aubrey&Janelle


  1. So we're ona field trip? Next stop..CANADA =P. Drake lives there