Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's Wrong Janelle?

so those who actaully give a shit.

kso i took out the braids that everybody hated, washed my hair and tryed to straighen this rough patch.
woke up this morning hoping it would look at least decent. fail. my hair looked like red sandpaper. it was rough as hell, it hurt to comb and it's not like i have fucking loot of do something with it. i actually said to myself that i look ugly. it's not like i haven't heard before. the funny thing is that people who even called me so saw be bawling today and decided to care. why now though? y'all the same people talking ish behind my back and making me out to be something i'm not...whatever. to the ones that actually care, thank you. it means the world. not only is my hair an issue on how i feel. i hate waking up every morning and going to hell for 5.15 hours. school makes me sick....literally.

my mom and i. that's another issue. i don't even know about her anymore, i could care less.

i wonder what people would be like if i was fucking dead or something. no one will actually give a hit.
they'd morun and move on.

i'm depressed.
and i know that.

- Aubrey


  1. Girl, i would care, because I would be like this bitch ain't update

  2. I'm sooo sorry, I keep saying bitch lately. I know that's not what you want to hear..It se ems you get degraded enough. I AM HERE FOR YOU GIRL!!

  3. woooww im really sorry for calling you ugliy buht i onli said it so you would care more bout how u look..