Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Let's Be Real Here.

it's funny how we and human claim people and family/friends.
the ones that say they'll have you till the end
the ones that say "we'll never drift"
but are the first ones to leave you lying in a ditch.

yeah, whatever, call me some sort of bitch,
but when i see certain friends, it makes me totally sick.
no, i'm not the perfect friend either. we all our big mouth moments here and there.
but there never comes a day when a friend is in a serious situation and i'm not near
minor situations; you can definitely handle it
when i slip up in the softest shit, everyone has a fit
ready to call it this micro-small slip up.
there only reason why you do it is to cover your lump.
lump of deceiving, back-stabbing, conniving soul.
the lump is like cancer, cut it out and you're not whole.

see here. this part of you is what makes you...truly you.
and you can't see it but trust other do too.
i turn a blind eye to everything cause i let too much things slide by.
then have people say this about me and sit on the side lines. 
no one knows anyone, but some like to think so
i just wanna tell the ones that don't care, just to seriously go.
you not only breaking me, but breaking you too.

i'll just do us both a favor...buh-bye we're through

- Aubrey   


  1. Girl, I couldn 't get this one

  2. i'm talking about a friend who i no longer want in my life.
    talking about his/her ways and how they're affecting not only me, but others around them...

  3. Now they are all stripping or having babies, so...I guess they got the hint??