Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In The End, This Is How It Will Be

since it's up to me, this is how it will be
skinny's, fresh kicks and a plain white tee
a cute heart pendant on a multi-strand chain, a fitted with my name
call it "cattie" but this is my game
a g-shock on my wrist and my hair in long little twist
mean swag, whatever
Teyana Taylor, she brings my weather.
iPod Touch, camera snappin
music straight bumpin, while the camera makes noises clappin
pictures of you, and you, and you.
yea they come out real crisp, this is what i'd do.

on all of y'all
cause it's seriously my call
i want this more then then him and her
imma do like gucci and make y'all say BURR!
there's no one in the world that wants so bad to break out and do shit she wants
gotta but up with all the bullshit and damn idiot taunts
but for sure when i go hard and slap y'all haters with my hand stacked with money
do not beg on your knees, say your sorry and call me honey
imma forget about you, you did nothing but try and break me
imma make you envy, i got big dreams, buy out the malls. SHOPPING SPREES.

never underestimate your enemy, that's what y'all did with me.
when i'm at the top, the button is where you'll be

it's where you belong actually.. (wink wink)