Thursday, February 25, 2010

You're The Past For A R E A S O N!

just know that you could never take away my truth.

you're are some old news like the carnivals kissing booth.

stop showing up, stop beggin back

now you're realizing i'm what you lack?

quit it when this baby please and i love you like clouds love the clear blue sky
it's funny cause when i called you up to chat "not now baby i'm getting mad high"
it's better to puff smoke then think about your "babygirl"
i understand you're chillin with your boys, but i was your so called world

come on home-boy we both have lives to live
stop coming to me with this "i miss you" shit.
"you make peace come easy." talking all this mess
anytime i got mad you always said "don't you know i got you the best?"

my "best" would never do the things you did
god forbid

you're the one i blame.
to be honest, you're a damn shame.
you may the most beautiful man
but deep down you're a little damaged boy.

i was well over you from the day in the staircase
forgot about you and everything else, gone without a trace.
you have lost the cookies and the milk went stale
you just another bad relationship but you love to tell tall tales.

P.S. i know about the bum in the oven sweetie. aha! sooo lame.
hope you kid will never go ashamed
of someone who fucked up early, you had so much going for you path.

just do the math...

- Aubrey


  1. That shit is good, you let your anger out very well.

  2. U oughta find somebody who will HOLD U DOWN. Him hinting he is MISSING YOU by saying "the best"? Please. If I ruled the world, men would all be under the same profyle- liar, cheater, deceiver, heart breaker..smh.

  3. thanks. aha!
    i hear you on that, sometimes they just don't get it...

  4. walking into a male bashing^ {aWkWeRd}

    i know exactly how you feel ma...srry u had to go through that

    and itz a shame cuz you look like you got alot of love to give....hit me up when you ready to be treated like a real women...cuz i too have alot to give

  5. I know I'm young, but I know loves gonna conquer it all..ONLY YOU have the power to control your own destiny, other than God, so.

  6. The days of me going around looking for love?? IT'S OVER NOW, my plates slate is wiped clean.