Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let Go

the thoughts that are never revealed
never dugg up. never re-written
always put a side, locked up and sealed.
i was the type to sit around, stay mad at the world. and linger on what happened
till it dawned on me life is fast and
we can't just live in the past
yes times forever get harder and harder
but that's how we stay stronger and stronger

we must learn to let go...
let go of what happened to us back then
we have plenty of time to start over again
fresh start
just open your heart.
and let it go

no matter how hurt you are, you must learn to over-come.
never forget where you're going and never forget what made you and where you came from.

- Janelle


  1. "How deep is your love"..is that what you are asking?

  2. Devonte told me he feels bad about all this, I never seen him like this before in years, he means well I think with his decision.

  3. no noelle. :P

    tell him no reason to feel bad. :)
    i think he did too.

  4. thank you. this helped cousin. aha!

    just like we talked about yesterday. i hear what your saying...

    i think i'm ready to do just that.


    - Jaz

  5. oh you welcome.

    P.S. thanks for hacking. :)